Team Manager Lite
Download and Installation

  1. Download the TM Lite program. Right Click this link and save the program to your PC
  2. Run the downloaded program to install it. Follow the instructions and prompts on the screen.
  3. Run the TM Lite program you just installed.
  4. The program will prompt you to create a database. You can call it anything meaningful. If it does not prompt you, File->Open/New and enter the name. You should choose Default Team Registration to be USS even if this is going to be used for a high school meet. Many meets are observed by USA Swimming officials, which means that times for club swimmers can be entered into the national swimming database "SWIMS".
  5. Create your team. Teams->Add. Close the team window.
  6. Add your swimmers. Athletes->Add. The minimum information you have to enter is Last Name, First Name, Gender, and Member of Team 1 (your team). However, if this athlete is going to want his/her swims to be entered into the USA Swimming database, you should enter the athlete's full name, date of birth and then use the Build ID button to create a USA Swimming ID for the athlete.
  7. Repeat the addition process for each athlete.
  8. Find the meet you want to enter online and download the TM Events file for it, or save the TM Events file from an e-mail, onto your PC.
  9. Import the meet information and events list for the meet. File->Import->Meet Events. Locate the TM Events file you just downloaded and select it.
  10. From the Meets->Entries by Name menu item, enter your swimmers in their events with their seed times. Be careful to enter seed times: many meets require them and your entries will not be accepted without them. You can also enter relays Meets->Entries by Event.
  11. You can create a report Reports->Performance->Meet Entries, to verify you have entered your swimmers in the correct events.
  12. When you have verified the entries, export them to an entry file. File->Export->Meet Entries. Follow the prompts.
  13. Attach the entry file to an e-mail and send it to
  14. You only need set up your team once per season, you can use the same database for multiple meets.
  15. For full Team Manager function, consider purchasing the full version from Hy-Tek.

TM Lite Download (V7)

Last Modified Friday October 18th 2013